EaglePharmacy.com Reviews – Offering Brand Discounts

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EaglePharmacy.com offers US customers reduced drug costs when transferring Rx scripts to them. They have negotiated savings with the drug’s manufacturers so that they can pass on these discounts. We take a look at what this pharmacy has to offer, to find out if it is really as good as they promise.

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DrugRevenue.com Reviews – Left in the Dark

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DrugRevenue.com is an online pharmacy which claims to have been in business since 2005 and have an inventory of over 2,000 medications. They also claim to one of the leading pharmacies on the web, strange then that we haven’t heard of them before now. Our review of their services leads us to uncover many reasons not to trust this pharmacy and why you shouldn’t either.

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US Government’s Attitude to Foreign Online Pharmacies

Many Americans look to online pharmacies for cheaper prices on their meds. This is a trend which doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon in 2019.

Earlier this year, the FDA issued a warning about purchasing pills from a Canadian pharmacy which was used to supply meds to employees of several state governments. The Canadian business was supplying drugs from pharmacies in Canada, the UK and Australia to get the government employees discounted meds.

But why are the prices of drugs so high in the US and why doesn’t the American government seem to do anything to change the situation?

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DivvyDose.com Reviews – Missing Feedback

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DivvyDose.com is a US-based pharmacy business which provides a service which isn’t normally found on other sites. They deliver meds to you in pre-sorted packets, which makes keeping up to date with your pills simple. We take a look at this drugstore to find out if they are really a safe place to rely on for your medical needs.

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DesktopDrugReference.com Reviews – Unprofessional


DesktopDrugReference.com is an online pharmacy business which claims to be one of the leading Internet drugstores. They say that they have been operating for over 3 years and provide great customer service. Our look at this store, however, finds many problems which suggest not all may be as great as they claim.

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BestPillsStore.com Reviews – Really Not the Best

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BestPillsStore.com is an online drugstore which boasts of 100 thousand American customers. They also say that they only sell the highest quality meds. Our review of this store finds these bold claims to be completely unbelievable and seem to be an outright lie, read on to find out why we conclude this.

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