Why Buying Medicine Online is Cheaper

The internet has brought many advantages, allowing us to quickly and easily make purchases online. Without the need to physically visit stores, you can easily compare prices between retailers. And when you need to purchase medications, looking online can be a great solution. With the high cost of medications in high street pharmacies all across America, it is difficult for many people to make these vital purchases. And since the number one cause of bankruptcy is medical costs in America, it is understandable that many people choose to buy their pills online.

Saving on Prescription Costs

Every year it may seem like your medical costs increase, and, well, that is because they probably are. The trend of ever-increasing medication prices is something that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. There is certainly no incentive for big pharma to cut costs to patients.

Brick and mortar pharmacies also have overheads that mean they often aren’t able to cut their prices their customers pay by much. Online pharmacies, on the other hand, don’t have many of the overheads that high street stores do. They can base themselves in cheap warehousing and can serve a greater number of customers at the same time.

offline store

The costs of owning their website aren’t likely to be too significant either. This means that they can employ less staff to serve more customers, and therefore make more profit. They might also offer more generic drugs than you can find on the high street. Thanks to these factors they can sell pills for lower prices.

However, while you can make a great saving since online pharmacies have lower costs, there are some problems as well.


How Do Online Pharmacies Work?

You can go to an online pharmacy and search for the pills you need. Order the quantity want, though you may be limited to a 90-day supply. Fill out a few forms and your pills will be with you in a matter of days.


For prescription medications, you will need a valid script from your doctor. This will need to be sent to the pharmacy either in the mail or by uploading it to their site. Some pharmacies will contact your doctor to get your prescription or be able to receive it through an electronic prescription service.

Normally you will be able to consult with a pharmacist if you are unsure about your meds, and some pharmacies offer an additional doctor’s consultation to get a prescription if you don’t already have one.

You can normally expect an additional cost on top of your medical costs for these types of consultations. There is also a limit to the number of health conditions they can prescribe through telemedicine, however.

Sometimes shipping will be free, and other times you can pay for expedited delivery. The pharmacy may also have special offers to encourage you to make purchases of certain products.

Sometimes you will be able to pay for your meds through your health insurance plan, but other times they will only accept other forms of payments. But once you have paid, and everything has been approved, your pills will be on their way to you barring any problems with shipping.


Choosing Wrong Pharmacy

As with most things, however, everything about buying pills online isn’t necessarily as great as it may first appear.

Though the barriers to entry for starting an online pharmacy are low, with savings passed on to customers, this is also a downside. With very little money, it is very easy for anyone to start their own online pharmacy. Or at least, what appears to be an online pharmacy.

counterfeitIf you aren’t careful, you could find yourself paying money to anonymous crooks on the other side of the world for medications you will never see. But even if they do actually send the pills you order, there could still be problems.

There are many online rogue pharmacies just waiting to take your money and supply you with low-quality meds. This will mean you getting pills from an unknown supplier across the planet. The quality of the pills you receive will also be another unknown quantity, and this isn’t what you really want from your medical supplies.

This could mean that your drugs do not contain the correct ingredients you need to improve your health. Even if they do have the correct ingredients they might not have them in the correct amounts.

This could lead to you mistakenly believing that your pills were working, by providing some of the benefits you normally expect. But in reality, a lower amount of the active ingredients you need to improve your medical condition will lead to your health condition getting worse and not better.

dangerousEven if the pills you received look like they should, with the same size pills and the same color that you are used to, they could still be dangerous. Sometimes counterfeit medications are sold as well. This will mean that the packaging looks as you would expect, but the pills won’t be the same quality.

Though your medications may appear to be the real thing, the reality is that you have no way of being sure. While you could potentially have them tested, the costs of such tests would wipe out any savings you had made on purchasing them online.


How to Find a Reliable Online Pharmacy

While the rogue scam pharmacies can appear very convincing, there are some things that set them apart from legitimate drugstores. Unfortunately, this isn’t obvious unless you know what to look for.

One good way to find out if a pharmacy is worth putting your trust in is to check out online pharmacy reviews 2021. These pharmacy review sites check if the drugstore is reliable and they know what to look for.

Let’s look at some of the things that distinguish a legit pharmacy from a scam:

  • Pharmacy background – how long have they been online and where are they based?
  • Regulatory approval – do they have accreditation?
  • Payment security – your credit card details being kept safe?
  • Customer feedback – is it really genuine?

These are just a few of the things that can reveal if a pharmacy is legitimate.


Business Background

How long the pharmacy has been online is information that they cannot hide or lie about. The details of the domain name registration reveal exactly when the website address was registered.

infoOften pharmacies will try and convince you that they are legitimate by saying that they have been in business for many years. The domain name records, on the other hand, may show that they have only been online for a few months.

These domain name records are an online database of every website address that has been registered. This is independent and not something the scammers can alter. However, they can give false contact information in the domain name records. This isn’t allowed, but it still happens. Sometimes privacy services are used to hide these details as well.

Often unreliable drugstores won’t even give an address on their site. And even if they do it is frequently found to be fake. They might use legit-sounding business names, but this is normally fake information.


Regulatory Approval

Pharmacy accreditation shows that the store is operating at a higher level. Often regulation is legally required for them to operate, but scam pharmacies don’t have this.

higher level

Frequently, we have seen that scam pharmacies will use fake accreditation to make them seem like a reliable store. If you don’t know what to look for, however, it can be difficult to tell the difference.


Payment Security

All too frequently we have found pharmacies with completely insecure payment pages. This means that if you trust them with your credit card details, your payment information could be stolen when you send it to the pharmacy.

Without a security certificate, there will not be any encryption to protect your payment information when you fill it out on their form. This could lead to it being stolen by hackers.


Customer Feedback

Most pharmacies have testimonial pages that are packed full of great customer responses. These pages will tell you how well the pharmacy has performed for their customers, but these can often be fake.

independent feedback

People operating scam online pharmacies know all too well that online purchasers pay a lot of attention to customer feedback. So with their fake customer feedback that makes it seem that the pharmacy is providing a great service to their customers, they can encourage more people to complete a purchase.

Even customer feedback on independent sites is sometimes fake. Fake accounts are made, and made-up comments praising the pharmacy are posted. It can be difficult to spot this type of deception, however.



Finding your medicine online can save you a lot of money thanks to the savings these types of pharmacies can make. With lower operating costs and access to a larger customer base, they have more flexibility to reduce their charges and encourage more customers to buy.

While making a good saving on your medication when purchasing online is great, you need to remember that the pharmacy may not be as reliable as it might appear. Checking online pharmacy reviews 2021 can help you avoid making a big mistake that you will go on to regret.




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