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common view is an online drugstore that claims to sell prescription drugs at the lowest prices. They only sell drugs under prescription from the physician. Their drugs are from the US, India, the UK, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Mauritius and Canada. Here is a comprehensive review of the website.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2004-08-09
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NamePharma Passport
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: unapproved
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Secure Connection

The connection of the website is not private, and attackers may view images you are viewing from the website and trick you by creating the same image. All other information, however, is secured, so you don’t have to worry about your credentials and credit cards being stolen. We, however, think that all the aspects of their connection should be completely secure to stop unsuspecting customers from clicking on to other websites that might render their credentials unsafe.


Domain Information

The website was created on August 9, 2004, and is set to expire on August 19, 2023. The site has had numerous updates the recent one being on August 19, 2018. Based on its domain, the site seems to be legit as it has lasted more than 14 years. We also noticed that the site doesn’t hide its information like the registrant and the registrar status like most scam websites.

in 2004


Mirror Websites doesn’t seem to have any site related to it. Most scam websites are usually associated with so many suspicious websites and share similar web layouts, share the same domain and even email addresses. Based on the relationship with other websites, we can conclude that the site isn’t a shady website. What is worrying, however, is that its score very little in ratings on scam adviser? This is quite upsetting given the website has been around for more than fourteen years.


Business Profile

This website appears to be based in Canada, but other countries might be involved that we couldn’t establish since it uses a service to hide their business profile. We, however, think that the owner uses the secret service to prevent them from receiving spam messages. Most scam websites use a service their identity. Therefore, based on their business profile, we couldn’t find a reason to label it as legit. But since they have been operational for many years, there could be a possibility that they are legitimate.

maybe from Canada



Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

For a website to operate legally, it ought to be a member of the necessary regulatory authorities. We checked the website and realized that it has a CIPA logo on it. This prompted us to search for the site on CIPA database and true to their word, they are a member. This means they are qualified to sell drugs online and that they sell quality drugs. Since it is a registered member CIPA, we believe that the website is legit and are involved in quality drugs.

an active member


Payment and Shipment accept certified bank cheques, international money orders, E-cheques and personal cheques. The pharmacy doesn’t accept credit cards even through shopping by credit cards is the most convenient form of payment. We couldn’t establish why they left this mode of payment from their payment options. The pharmacy also doesn’t ship to all countries; it only ships within the US and Canada. Shipping takes about 10 to 18 business days via mail. They charge a 9.95 shipping fee per patient. Reviews

The website has a testimonials page where they have listed a few reviews from customers that shopped with them. We couldn’t find anywhere in the site where customers can add their reviews, and we think this is odd from a website that has been in operation for that long, additionally, the website hasn’t listed the date and time the reviews were captured. We tried searching for reviews outside the website, but the website doesn’t seem to have any. This is quite worrying from the site and expects it to have gained its reputation online for all the years it has been in operation.

no problems with the website



From the review, we think the website is legitimate. It has lasted for years contrary to the most scam website that barely last a year; it lacks any suspicious site associated with it. Additionally, it is registered with CIPA and has been legally allowed to sell quality drugs online.

The pharmacy, however, doesn’t ship to any country other than the US and Canada so patients outside these countries will fail to enjoy the services of the drugstore. With that, we believe this online pharmacy deserves a 4-star rating.




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