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common view offers customers affordable quality medications with free shipping. They claim to be a top USA online pharmacy, though are review shows that this isn’t true. What else are they saying that isn’t correct? Read our review to learn the problems this pharmacy is offering to customers.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2018-08-01
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameNeighbour Care Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

A look at the domain name records reveals that this store has been in business since just 2018. A short-lived pharmacy such as this is far more likely to be a scam than a business which has a long and successful track record of operation.

domain info

There is normally some information about the organization which registered the domain in the records. This isn’t the case with this domain because they have chosen to use a domain privacy service to hide these details.

Both of the things we have found in the domain records form part of a pattern which indicates this pharmacy is more likely to be a scam than a reliable store.


Business Contact Details

This drugstore tells us that they are the USA’s top online pharmacy. However, if this is really true why is the name of their business not spelled correctly in American English. They have used the word “neighbour” instead of “neighbor” which suggests that they aren’t the US business they claim.

The pharmacy doesn’t provide a business name or address anywhere on the site which isn’t great. Despite the claim of being a US business, the truth seems to be disclosed near the end of their “About Us” page.

They are actually based in India, which explains the spelling of the word “neighbour” and means that they are lying about being a US business.

indian pharmacy


Regulatory Approvals

They don’t seem to have any regulatory approvals to operate. There aren’t any regulatory seals and this means there are less or no safeguards for customers of this pharmacy.


The assessment that this store isn’t following the rules to safely supply meds to customers, is supported by the findings of LegitScript. They give the pharmacy their lowest rating of a rogue, convinced that they aren’t following the law when selling pills to the US and elsewhere.


Pills Offered

They appear to be selling a good variety of pills on this store. With popular brand names and the cheaper generic versions also available.

cheap generic drugs

They don’t give details of the dispensing pharmacy or even which country they are in. We assume the drugs are coming from India but there isn’t any confirmation of this.

This also means that we can’t confirm if the pills are dispensed in a reliable or trustworthy way by people who are qualified to do so. This means that the pills could be counterfeit or of low-quality and a danger to health.


Prescription Requirements

They also don’t require that you have a valid prescription for the meds you want to buy. This flies in the face of the accepted rules which makes sure drugs are dispensed safely to customers. It makes it possible to order drugs which will do more harm than good to the patient.


Payment and Shipping

The pages of the pharmacy are secured in the way you expect from an online retailer. They offer a few methods of payments including:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Mastercard

Shipping from this store is free. They don’t give any indication of the expected delivery time for orders, however. Reviews

There are many reviews to be found on this store. Since we know that this store hasn’t been in business for long this seems unlikely.

may be manipulated

When reading through the comments we can see that they are very generic and coupled with the unlikely number, this makes them very likely to be fake.



This pharmacy may appear to be a legit store on first glance, however, with a more in-depth check, we can see that this isn’t the case. They are trying to pretend that they are a US business when the truth seems to be that they are in India. They have no regulation and aren’t saying exactly where the drugs come from.

The risks of using this pharmacy are large. Don’t make the mistake of placing an order with this 1-star drugstore.




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