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Fspshopo.com is a generic online pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 online support through the chatbox that they host on their website, there are also two phone numbers for customers to call from the United States and the United Kingdom. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at this online drugstore and verifying all the claims they make to help give you a clear picture whether this site is safe to use to buy medication.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2018-02-13
Owner CountryChina
Contact Informationno
Business Information
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Info

The domain for this website was first registered on the 13th of February 2018 with the domain last being updated on 14th of January 2019. The domain is currently set to expire on the 13th of February 2020.

registered in 2019

On the website itself, there are no claims about when it was set up or for how many years it has been running. Despite this, you should still be cautious when using this website as they have only been in business for a year and a few months which is not a very long time at all so if they decide to scam then they can very easily shut down the website and open a new one.


Business Profile

There is no publicly available information about the individuals behind this online pharmacy as the website is registered through a company called Eranet International Limited which is a company based in Hong Kong that is used by website owners who want to hide their identity.

24% of trust

On Scamadviser it has a trust score of just 24% with a label that this website may not be safe to use. This low trust score should again make you very cautious when using this website to purchase anything.


Regulatory Approvals

There are no badges of pharmaceutical regulatory bodies in the footer of the website and there is also no mention of what regulatory bodies they are part of in the FAQ and About Us page. When we checked the databases of CPA, CIPA and MIPA we were not able to find any results of this online pharmacy.

status: rogue

On LegitScript this online drugstore is rated as ‘rogue’ meaning that it does not meet the necessary regulatory and verification standards needed for this website to be rated as a law-abiding online pharmacy.


Products and Pricing

There are hundreds of products available for sale on this online pharmacy arranged in alphabetically ordered categories with every single product coming with a detailed product description that includes information on storage, overdose and side effects.

extremely low pricing

Best-Selling Products on the Platform With every product that you purchase from this drugstore website you get information on how much money you have saved with the higher quantities of medication that you buy the more money you save.

  • Diabetes, on this online pharmacy you will find drugs that will help lower or increase your glucose levels as well as treat all types of diabetes including the most common type 2 diabetes.
  • Herbals, here you will find a lot of herbal medicines that can help increase your overall health without having to worry about any unwanted side effects.
  • Skin Care, if you are looking for skincare products that deal with serious skin conditions then you have come to the right place here you will find products that deal with scabies, lies, acne and other hormone-related conditions.
  • Weight Loss, another popular category is the weight loss category where you can find products that can help increase your basic metabolism rate in order to help you burn more fat naturally.
  • Eye Drops apart of your generic eye drops for dry eyes in this category you can also find more specialized eye drops for conditions such as open-angle glaucoma and hypotrichosis.


Payment and Shipping Methods

lots of optionsAt this pharmaceutical website, there are currently three ways to pay for products, the first method is using popular credit card processors such as Visa, Mastercard and the Discover card.

The second payment method is using online escrow service ACH where you pay into a third party bank account and release the payment only once you have received the products that you have ordered.

The third payment is using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin which is a very strange payment option for a legit online pharmacy as Bitcoin payments cannot be refunded by the party sending the payment which makes it extremely risky.

As for the shipping methods you have two at your disposal, the first one is the Airmail service which costs $9.99 and takes on average 14 to 21 days to have your products delivered. Alternatively, there is the Trackable Courier Service which costs $29.99 and promises to have your order delivered to you in 5 to 9 days.


Fspshopo.com Reviews

There are currently no third party reviews on this online pharmacy but there is however a testimonials page on the online drugstore itself which have no ratings but just have text that is all mostly positive.

no trust to the testimonials

Despite all the positive testimonials on the online pharmacy website, you should not trust them as testimonials hosted on the website they are reviewing can very easily be created and manipulated.


Is Website a Scam or Legit?

We cannot say with absolute certainty but we believe that this online drugstore is most likely a scam due to website owners hiding their identity which is against the law as every online pharmacy needs to disclose information about its owners and how they can be contacted.

Furthermore, they are not part of any regulatory bodies and standard agencies which is again a must for all legit online pharmacies.

On URL Void this online drugstore has two warnings due to malware being detected on the website which is software that tries to gain access to your computer in order to access sensitive files and banking details.



To conclude, Fspshopo.com is blatantly not legit so it is not a good option for an online pharmacy, furthermore, there is not a large variety of products on their website so you may struggle to find what you are looking for.

From all the information we have gone over about this e-commerce platform, we will have to give them 1 star out of 5.




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